BYSoft and the Oil & Gas Industry

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke
Our Visualization Software has numerous applications in the Oil & Gas Industry. The components can be used on their own or inserted into other programs by software developers to enhance their visual and data-handling capabilities in a simple and modular way.

From editing and displaying well-logging and seismic data to consolidating data management, BYSoft offers both ready-to-use tools and customized software solutions for whatever challenges faced by this field.

Our past projects in this industry include:
3D Reservoir Simulation, Visualization, Surface Editing, and Volume Rendering.
Well Log Simulation System (NMR)
Well Logging Process and Interpretation System with Auto Report
Well Logging Data Editing and Plotting System
3D Seismic Data QC Package
3D Seismic Visualization Packages
GIS Systems to Consolidate Oil & Gas Data Management
Port and Enhance 3D Offshore Engineering Software