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Key Features:

  • Graphically illustrate sampled data, X-Y data, and multi-dimensional data.
  • Can edit, modify, and analyze data displayed.
  • Supports sample data with different sample intervals.
  • Can show static and dynamic data.
  • Supports multiple curves, multiple axes: horizontal or vertical layout.
  • Provide different operations to the plot, such as area picking, editing, interpolation, smooth, analyze, curve fitting.
  • Add markers and annotations to emphasize the special interested points, area or region.
  • Allows gradient colors for the background and frame display.
  • Supports Curve Graphs, Bubble Graphs, Cross Plots, Bar Charts, Area Fills, Trace Display, Density Displays and More.
  • Support for multiple languages.
  • Customer configurable build-in user menu and graph preference.
  • Can save graphs into multiple image file formats, such as .emf, .jpg, .tiff, and can be printed.
  • Supports vector graph output into autoreport.
  • Pick and copy curves or lines into clipboard and paste into another plot.
  • Line and curve can be dragged and moved in the plot for easy comparison.
  • Access data file from either remote computer on the internet or local machine.
  • Drawing line and curve without limit of point numbers.
  • Supports linear and log scales, and the axes can be reversed.
  • Flexible and customizable axes, grids, curve properties, and graph properties.
BYGraph is a high-performance x-y data analysis and charting control. It comes in
multiple flavors: an ActiveX Control, a Windows Class Library or a Web Service.
This tool can plot multiple curves so users can compare, display, edit, print, and save their
data with extreme ease, and various kinds of features found in the software allow for
increased levels of user manipulation.