More Features
New Features

Plot Types
  • Multi-Display Support: bar, curve, cross section, annotation, trace, normalization, combination, etc.
  • Each curve has its own color, line type, line width, and more than 10 different symbol types.
  • Add drawing objects to any graph such as points/markers, lines, polygons, rectangles and ellipses.
  • Both Single/Multiple Curve and Axes Displays
  • Multiple simultaneous panels, each with a different vertical scale.
  • Vertical or horizontal layout.
  • Support sample data with the same or different start point and sample interval.
  • Random distributed XY data given by x, y coordinates at each point or both together
  • Static and dynamic data displays.


  • Each curve could have markers and curve fitting parameters.
  • Curves can be edited/created in real-time for the further analysis, such as: generate, modify, or drag & move curves.
  • Pick and copy curves and lines into clipboard and paste into another plot.
  • Curve fitting, smooth, annotation, theoretical curve creation, real time math support.
  • Support pre-defined fits or user-defined fit lines and gradient lines, both can be rotating or parallel dragging.
  • Each curve has statistic information such as: mean, median, mode, standard deviation, etc.
  • Each curve can be displayed in histogram mode.

  • Point, marker, legend and Axes.
  • Data auto-interpolation for sample data.
  • Curve fitting and gradient line.
  • Generation, modification, noise addition.
  • Curve rotating, moving and comparison.
  • Big and small ticks, ticker on the axis has four modes: above/left, below/right, cross and invisible.
  • Vertical line cursor for multiple sampled curve and point curve for any X-Y data.
  • Cursor gives x y coordinates.
  • Hit test to show each point, markers, etc.
  • Each marker has its own color, label and property.
  • Markers can be added to the graph or curve in real-time and have their own properties such as color, size, etc.
  • Legend Support and Data Deletion
  • Support for Irregular and Interval Regions
  • Support customized user menu.
  • You can edit the grids’ color, weight, and style as you need
  • Special background effects like transparency and multi-directional color fills.
  • User-Entered Functions in Calculator Syntax

  • Support for both Linear and Log Scales, and both the vertical and horizontal axis can be reversed.
  • You can use default or specify custom settings for all axes: scale, starting position, axis label, fond, tick type, reverse, or hide the axis on your graph plot.
  • The labels can be on the left or right side, and have compatibility with user-defined properties, such as time, annotation etc.
  • Each axis of graph has its individual major grid, minor grid or both.