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New Features
BYMap is a 2-dimensional GIS map editor, used to manipulate, analyze, and display data related to positions on the Earth's surface. It can be used in any industry requiring a visual representation of geographical data. But that's not all; BYHorizon has been completely integrated into BYMap.

Therefore, BYMap is now also a horizon data viewer that intelligently creates, manipulates and displays surface and horizon data, including pressure or strain distribution in engineering, elevation or depth in geography field, and temperature and permeability in geophysics. Because it can be used to generate, manipulate, and modify surfaces in different formats for different applications, it has endless usage in the energy and geology industries. BYMap takes input data in various text formats and can interface with most surface manipulation software, such as ZMap, Surfer, GOCAD. Moreover, BYMap can be used as a data converter to convert surface data from one format to another.

Key Features Include

  • Discrete and Continuous Color Support
  • Real Time Mathematic Computation
  • Support multiple languages
  • Vector meta file support
  • Linear and log scales
  • Surface format conversion
  • Geography map support
  • Multiple horizons in different modes: contour, grid mesh, triangulation
  • Undefined data handling
  • Non-uniform mesh support
  • Cut, copy, paste support
  • Multi-Surface manipulation in one application view
  • Flexible color editing, statistics analysis
  • Triangle and rectangle mesh, irregular distribution
  • Paint brush editing, and annotation in any language
  • Linear or log support, contour, flow line, fault
  • Area editing, fill in and fill out, erase
  • Interpolation, extrapolation and smooth, tilt
  • Data type conversion capabilities
  • Transparency and contour views