More Features
New Features
Data Types
· Regular grid data
· Random distributed data

Plot Types
· Horizon modes: density, grid, contour, triangle, and combined modes
· Triangulation, regular/irregular grid, and contour displays

· Color modification from color bar control
· Multiple levels of zoom for detailed area display and editing
· Undefined area manipulation
· Real time mathematic computation
· Built-in, customizable menus
· Point edit: pen size support, point value define undo.
· Area edit: area define, area release, area inside fill, area outside fill, area smooth, area erase, undo.
· Raw data point edit: value define, point define, undo.


· Data conversion: grid data input in a supported format will produce an output in a desired format.
· Regular grid mode and raw data mode

Import, Export and Print
· Open grid files (ZMap, Surfer, ArcView, GOCAD), raw data (Ascii raw data, xyz or triangulated data)
· Save data files EMF( windows enhanced metal file) formats

Multi-Language Support: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, etc.

· Any environment that support ActiveX
· Design time and real time support
· End user and developer usage