More Features
New Features
Input standard SEGY seismic data: 32 bit float/char or 16 bit integer

Plot Types
  • Density display, wiggle display, and combinations
  • Multiple or single ensemble display
  • Color-filled display mode

  • 2D or 3D seismic data set: shot or CDP
  • No file size limitation
  • Configurable settings of color, font, annotation
  • Color map configuration, save and open
  • Interpretation capability to allow user pick and track horizon (2 or 3D)
  • Side by side display for comparison, editing, and processing
  • Interactive zone editing support
  • Traces selection and exportation to ASCII file for further study
  • Save interpretation results into wire frame horizon
  • Header information view
  • Multiple levels of zoom for more detailed study
  • Built-in, customizable menu

Process Local and Remote Files
  • Read standard .sgy files from both local directories and web sites
  • Save and read xml configuration files

Save Curves Information
  • Save curves to clipboard for being displayed in other applications
  • Display seismic data and well log data side-by-side or log data on top of seismic data

Import, Print and Export Data Files in the EMF (windows enhanced meta file) Format

Multi-Language Support:   English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, etc.

  • Any environment that supports ActiveX
  • Design time and real time support
  • End user and developer usage