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Key Features:

Sophisticated Modes:
BYVision is capable of setting up sophisticated modes, including 3D flexible mesh built up based on anomalies, source and receiver location, and layered model and fault. It can also interactively assign and modify attribute value, build and set up horizons, interactively edit faults and horizons, and dynamically track simulation results.

Open GL Technology:
Designed based on OpenGL technology, BYVision is able to take advantage of the hardware capabilities of today’s computers. Volume rendering is thus possible

Render Capabilities:
  1. 3D track ball rendering
  2. Pan and Zoom Functions
  3. Slicing Volumes along Multiple Axes
  4. Probing Capabilities
  5. Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis
  6. Transparency
  7. Flexible Color Bar Control

Theoretical surface and volume generation and modification
Ability to interface with 3D Studio, GoCAD, PetroMod, EM data, ArcView, Zmap, and Surf
Simultaneous Solid and Transparency View
Isosurface, contour, lighting
Extensive Picking Capability
BYVision is a high-performance interactive 3D data visualization ActiveX control. Designed to help scientists, engineers, and other users visualize, analyze, and understand their data, it can be used in many different application fields, from the oil & gas to the biomedical industries.

BYVision can depict sophisticated data, such as multiple volumes, surfaces, bodies, lines, curves, and points, into a graphic plot in the same space simultaneously. This provides users with a powerful tool to analyze and visualize various data collected in the same space, allowing them to receive the optimum amount of information to reach necessary conclusions.