More Features
New Features
Data Types

  • Simple model support (multiple layered model without overthrow fault)
  • Surfer, GOCAD, Zmap and ArcView 3D
  • Ascii raw surface, line, or point data
  • Real time mathematic data generator
  • Geophysical SEGY and LAS data
  • Medical volume data
  • Geophysical volume data

Plot Types

  • Isosurface construction and display
  • Lines , such as well track, surgery path, etc.
  • Points, such as element distribution, etc.
  • Surface, such as horizon, elevation, faults, etc.
  • Volume, such as reservoir, geophysical, medical volume, etc.
  • Body, such as enclosed surfaces, underground body, etc.

Render Capability

  • 3D track ball rendering
  • Slicing, probing, chair cut, arbitrary cut, lighting, transparency, or any combination
  • Volume projection onto horizon or model project onto volume slices or profile
  • Curved pipe line with varying radii support
  • Cartesian and polar grid support
  • Contour and wire frame display for surfaces
  • Flexible grid support - equidistant grid not required for volume


  • Various picking support : profile, horizon, body, etc.
  • Flexible color bar with histogram support to allow the easy select color
  • User-friendly menu, allowing the user to modify properties, change render modes, add objects, etc.
  • Multiple zoom levels that enables the display and edit detailed areas of graph


  • Any environment that supports ActiveX
  • Design time and real time support
  • End-user and developer usage