Why Geovision?
Full Range of Geophysical and Engineering Data Renders

Simulation, Edit and Analysis Support

Interactive Integrated Exam Data among Specialty Graphical Views

Automatically Filter out Desired Data and Display/Insert it into a Tree Node

Automatically Simulate Different Data Flows

Create, Save and Re-Open Project Information

Populate Explorer Window Constructed with Tree Control

Display or Delete Objects using Tree Control Operation

Mark Indices of the Log Data in Log View which Correspond with the Multi-D Points Picked in 3D View

Interactive Operation between Track Data in 3D View and Well Log Data in Log View

Provides Interfaces for Processing, Grouping and Rendering GIS Objects

Provides Interfaces for Removing Spikes on Surface Objects

Integrated Visualization Capability which Supports all of the Following Objects:
  • Lines (well track, curve, surgery path …)
  • Points (element distribution ...)
  • Surface (horizon, elevation, faults…)
  • Map (nontopological geometry and attribute information)
  • Volume (reservoir, geophysical, or medical volume, …)
  • Body (enclosed surfaces, such as underground body,…)
  • Shape File

Supports Cartesian and Polar Grids

Provide Tools for Converting Segy Data into Volume Data

Provide Tools for Converting Volume Data from Float into 8-Bit Data

Supports Interactive Operation between Two Surfaces

Ability to Build a Cross Plot based on Well Log Data or Curve Data

Copy SEG-Y, Well Log or Curve Data to the Clipboard and Paste them into the Graph View