Why Geovision?
Why Choose GeoVision?

Save Money and Time

Invent the wheel only once! All components are ready to operate, so you don't have to sacrifice energy to recreate them. GeoVision handles complicated graphical display of various kinds of data and allows you to integrate these components with your own applications. You can either create your data format and graphic representations or simply inherit the features provided with the components. Moreover, GeoVision can automatically generate graphic and customized reports with plots and forms created from the intended data, saving the time and energy required to generate report manually each time you achieve the result from operating your program.

Versatility and Flexibility

GeoVision processes and displays data in many different ways. For example, 3-Dimensional Data can be displayed in either solid mode or transparency mode, logarithmic data can be graphically generated into linear style and logarithmic style, and seismic data can be displayed in density, wiggle, and density with wiggle mode. GeoVision can thus enable you to analyze and optimize your data to the most flexible extent.

Easy Manipulation

GeoVision furnishes the user with a vivid and graphical tool bar corresponding to the menu. The tool bar has self-explained prompt so that user can operate GeoVision without referring to any manual.

Multi-Language Support

GeoVision is developed in Unicode mode, which means that it can be run on platforms that not only support English, but also other languages, such as Chinese, Arabic, Korean, etc.

Portable Environment and Platform

GeoVision is implemented with Visual Studio .Net on a Windows platform, which consists of ActiveX Controls implementing the COM interfaces. You can manipulate it on any framework with COM support, such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, VB.Net, VC++.Net, VC#.Net, ASP.Net, Microsoft Office, IE browser, and more. In addition, GeoVision can run on Unix / Linux platform with only tiny modifications.