All of our products are thoroughly tested and can been used in various applications: from biomedical imaging to application software development.
Some key highlights of our products include:

Seamless compatibility with one another
Menu-driven interface
Vector meta file and print support
XML format configuration setting
Multiple development language support
Language notation (unicode) support
Direct web support
NT, 2000 and XP platform compatibility

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Our Developer ActiveX Solutions Include:

BYVision – 3-dimensional and multidimensional data visualization
BYGraph – 1-dimensional Chart viewer and editor
BYLog – well log data editor and viewer
BYSeis - seismic data viewer
BYMap – GIS/Horizon editor and reader
BYTriangle – Ternary viewer

Our WinForm Solutions Include BYGraph and BYMap

Our WebForm Solutions Include BYMap, BYGraph, BYVision

BYMap has Support for Smart Devices

Our Industry Solutions Include:

GeoVision – software package including all of our component visualization software