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BYGraph is a high-performance x-y data analysis and charting control. It could be ActiveX control, windows class library or web service. 

The tool can plot multiple curves so users can compare, display, edit, print, and save their data. Various kinds of features found in the software allow for increased levels of user manipulation.


Key Features

  • Simultaneous static and dynamic graph display
  • Sampled data and random distribution (scatter) data support and simultaneous display
  • Multiple curves support
  • Histogram and cross-section displays
  • Various background support
  • Trace and density displays
  • Multiple curve or trace and axis support
  • Real time math support and curve fitting
  • Multiple display type support (area, bar, different line type, different panel, traces)
  • Marker, annotation and legend support
  • Linear and log scale, cursor support
  • Data editing, statistics information
  • Horizontal or vertical layout
  • Editable data points and markers
  • Superimposed curves for comparison



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