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BYGraph: More Features


Data Types

  • Sampled data with the same or different sample interval
  • Random data distributed by given (x, y) coordinates at each point
  • Static or dynamic data display as traditional 2D line/scatter graph


Plot Types

  • 10 different data type displays: curve, line, bar, trace, density, stack area, stack bar, etc.
  • Various line and curve properties: color, width, and style (area fill, solid, dot, dash etc.)
  • Scattered point curves
  • Draw object feature: add objects such as points (marker), lines (fitting line, gradient line...), polygons, rectangles, and ellipses
  • Histogram and area display 


Mixed plotting example                  Annotation Display example


Import, Export and Print

  • Import data file in CSV, DAT formats.
  • Save data files in DAT, TXT, EMF( windows enhanced metal file) formats.
  • Print directly to printer.  


Curve Fits

  • Curve fitting capability (pre-defined and custom) to help depict trends in user's data
  •  Multiple fit lines support for each curve on the plot


Curve fitting example                      Multiple fit lines example



  • Marker, legend, and axis properties modification
  • Sample data selection, deletion, auto-interpolation, smoothing, etc.
  • Multiple levels of zoom to allow user to display and edit detailed areas 
  • Tic display on axis, curve, or both
  • Vertical line cursor: data value display from all curves at the cursor position
  • Constant mouse display during editing
  • Markers: various types (single, window, area, etc.), colors, properties
  • Legends and cursor
  • Irregular and interval region support
  • Linear/spline Interpolate, delete, smooth, add fit line to selected data by region
  • User-customized menu.
  • User-entered functions for line generation


        Tic Display                           Irregular and interval region support 


Data deletion                         User-entered functions in calculator syntax



  • BYGraph has three axis scales: linear, logarithmic (base 10), natural logarithmic.
  • User can use default or specify custom setting for all axis: scale, starting position, axis label, fond, tick type, reverse, or hide the axis on your graph plot.
  • On each axis, user control the major and minor tick frequency or use the default setting.
  • Support date and time, currency and other user defined annotation.


    Log scale axes                                           Axis property modification screen


Language support

  • Multiple language support, such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, etc.



  • Any environment that supports ActiveX
  • Design time and real time support
  • End-user and developer usage



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