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BYGraph: New Features

Trace display, density display, user-defined gradient lines, dynamically move curves, dual vertical axis support 


  • Curve and bar display data as vertical and horizontal lines

  • Trace display

  • Density display




  • Copy curves and lines into clipboard and paste into another plot

  • Line and curve can be dragged and moved

  • Data file access from either remote computer on the internet or local machine

  • No limitations on number of data points

  • User-configurable background


  • Both vertical and horizontal axis can be reversed
  • Axes compatible with user defined properties, such as date and time, annotation etc.

  • Four axes ticker modes: above/left, below/right, cross. and invisible

Gradient line:

  • User-defined gradient line


  • Single and multiple gradient line(s) manipulated in two modes: rotate (based on the cross point of the gradient line and the axes frame) and parallel dragging.



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