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BYHorizon: More Features



Data Types


   Regular grid data

   Random distributed data


Plot Types


      Horizon modes: density, grid, contour, triangle, and combined modes

      Triangulation, regular/irregular grid, and contour displays



Contour display example                   Triangulation display example




      Color modification from color bar control

      Multiple levels of zoom for detailed area display and editing

      Undefined area manipulation

      Real time mathematic computation

      Built-in, customizable menus

      Point edit: pen size support, point value define undo.

      Area edit: area define, area release, area inside fill, area outside fill, area smooth, area erase, undo.

      Raw data point edit: value define, point define, undo.


Real time math computation example              Undefined contour area example


Area edit: fill inside polygon                               Area edit: fill outside polygon





    Data conversion: grid data input in a supported format will produce an output in a desired format.

    Regular grid mode and raw data mode



Import, Export and Print


  • Open grid files (ZMap, Surfer, ArcView, GOCAD), raw data (Ascii raw data, xyz or triangulated data)
  • Save data files EMF( windows enhanced metal file) formats
  • Print directly to printer



Language support


  • Multiple language support, such as English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, etc.




  • Any environment that support ActiveX
  • Design time and real time support
  • End user and developer usage



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