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BYSeis: Overview

BYSeis is a seismic data viewer that can be used to view, interpret, edit and process seismic data. Its ability to interactively display userís seismic data in different manners, including quality control data; header and trace header information; imported and exported data in ascii format, and horizon selection and tracking, prompting better and more targeted analysis.

Its primary uses exist in geophysical applications, and it is particularly helpful in the oil & gas industries.


Key Features

  • SEGY 2D, 3D, shot/CDP data support
  • Density and/or wiggle display type
  • Single or multiple ensembles
  • Color map edit, statistics info, sample
  • Copy, cut and paste, drag support
  • Header information viewing and editing
  • Event, horizon/fault picking support
  • Multiple language annotation support
  • Direct web service support
  • Vector Image and print support
  • Numerous display types: ascii, quality control data, horizon selection and tracking, etc.
  • 2D and 3D event tracking
  • Zoom and multiple-selection functions


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